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So you were involved in an accident.  Whether it was a car or bus accident, or you were a pedestrian, or perhaps you slipped and fell on ice, you have questions: What do I do? Who do I need to inform about the accident? Should I be examined by a doctor? Should I speak with the insurance company? How am I compensated for the damages to my vehicle? How do I get lost wages? Who is responsible for paying all my expenses? Should I hire a lawyer to assist me?  As with any accident or injury, the first steps are the most important. And it's those first steps that will help you determine the answers to each of those questions.

Attorney Ariel Aminov is here to assist you in addressing these important issues not just in the days immediately after your injury, but throughout your recovery and your legal case, if you have one.  With over 15 years of legal practice, we offer both experience and professionalism to see you through your recovery.

Take a moment to get to know us, a little bit about the law, and let us know how we can help.